Freshly published thoughts on the world!
Freshly published thoughts on the world!
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Too many blogs?

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You want to start a blog.

That’s great.

You start with blogger.

After a while you realize you need a little more power so you shift to


After a while you move to WordPress on a self-hosted setup.

You’re happy now. You’ve got a good blog and you’re loving your WordPress setup. You keep hearing about these other platforms that people declare much easier to use but you ignore them. Until you finally decide to give it a go.


You post something on Medium. You’re happy with the minimal design and how easy it was to publish. You decide to occasionally post there. After a while you hear about another small little platform and check it out. Now you want to post there too.

This keeps going on and on and you keep falling in love with all these small little platforms. You want to post to them all but how much content can you write. You don’t want to post duplicate content so you try to keep content original.


Your downfall starts - your main blog start losing readers. You don’t post as much anymore. You try to stay active in all those little blogs but you can’t manage. You constantly fail. Your blogs are going down. You have writers block. You want to pull your hair out. You get white hair. You’re always thinking about all your blogs.

You finally get tired and retire from blogging.

I’ve been recently facing a similar problem. I started blogging in 2012 thorough blogger. Then I deleted those(I know, bad decision) and started from scratch on


I started a few blogs on and then I deleted most of them. The only one that still lives is The Worm Official. I tried a self-hosted solution with WordPress but that didn’t help.

Then I went along and tried a little too many self-hosted and other solutions.

I got depressed. I didn’t blog for a very long time.

Then after a while, I decided to start again, but this time a different solution entirely - Static Site Generators. This was going great until I fell into the trap again. This time I was not tempted by other solutions but other platforms.


I wanted to publish on Medium, which I did by the way, twice. I started a blogs on Blogger, one of which was for a reason and the other for NO REASON AT ALL!

I’m a regular reader of Lifehacker and was reading a post when I remembered that I also created a blog here, on Kinja. So again I got under the spell and now here I am writing this post.


I don’t really know why I do this. I have somewhat tried to fix this by starting an archive on my main blog that links to all of my writing - you can check it out.

Well that’s all I had to say. Maybe I’ll learn one day and stop doing this or maybe you’ll read my name all over the internet. I don’t know right now but I’m anxious to find out :))

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